8. Candle Boxes & Small Boxes

Dimensions, Painted Boxes: 9" D x 6" H x 15" L

Our colonial and early American fore mothers and fathers needed light for the night.  The animal fat candles they used were also tasty treats for pesty little critters.  Therefore, a secure wooden box to slow down Minnie and her boyfriend was just the trick.  Although the furry ones would sometimes chew through the box, they would often get so exhausted trying that the master of the house would find a hungry little fellow lying by the box exhausted and catching its breath. 

    At that time the master being quite angry, yet still compassionate, would toss fuzzy out the door on his tail.  Being the loyal and social creatures that mice are, the significant other would soon notice that her true love was missing, pack up any offspring and set out in persuit of her lover.  The fuzzy family would never ever return.  Problem solved. 

- John Bachman