5. Hanging Boxes & Cupboards

Pipe Box Dimensions: 4" D x 9 1/4" W x 21 1/2" T

Samuel L. Plank Salt Box Dimensions: 8" D x 13" W x 15" T

Years ago I saw a picture of a 1700's chocolate brown, Connecticut pipe box.  The box auctioned off for nearly $8,000.00.  The wonderful lines of that old box inspired me to create a box with similar appeal.  Although I never took measurements off an original, this is my interpretation of what I saw on paper. 

My pipe box is designed to withstand at least another 250 years of American history.  Early methods of joinery are used throughout incorporating dovetails, dadoes, wooden pegs and reproductions square cut nails where appropriate.  The box can be created in the wood of your choice or painted to your liking. 

The scrolling at the top of the box reminds me of a child dancing and spinning with hands raised to the heavens.  Enjoy the fanciful artwork of this pipe box, and always take time out to dance and spin. 

- John Bachman